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Treating Patients and Stemming Potential Dentist Medical Malpractice

Dental Medi mal

One thing you never learn in school is how serious you have to take interactions with clients. Malpractice is a very damaging term that gets tossed around quite a bit these days. While errors and poor judgment in the dental industry can certainly be cause for concern, claims of dentists med mal can bring ruin upon a business, both financially, and by damaging one’s reputation. An error or negligence – even miscommunication between you and the patient – can result in a lawsuit that could prove costly.

Many daily activities of dentists involve risk of pain and injury

For example, let’s say that due to your use of an improper technique, your patient experiences a painful injury and perhaps even dental damage that may end up costing them money or to see a specialist. They are likely to sue you for damages, and they may include additional compensation for pain and suffering – if they feel you didn’t provide them with the care that you should have in the first place.

The dentist-patient relationship can be very close, or it can be very adversarial, especially when the patient suffers extreme pain or discomfort following a procedure and must now find someone to blame for his or her misery. Can you be found negligent for this act? The need to prove negligence is the major reason malpractice suits last as long and cost as much to pursue as they do. Even if you weren’t negligent, you have to defend yourself, which in itself is costly.

Problem patients, improper or non-follow-up on treatments, technical errors committed by you or a member of your staff; these are a few of the situations that can greatly impact your business should a lawsuit ensue and a large settlement be brought against you. Dentists Med Mal Insurance will provide a layer of protection should a mistake or accident lead to a claim being brought against you or someone in your employ.