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What’s the Right Amount of Dog Bite Insurance to Have?

dog bite insurance

All dog owners need dog bite insurance to protect them from lawsuits that are often the result of injuries caused by their dogs. Some owners might have difficulty procuring a policy for canine liability since many types of dogs can be difficult to insure, mainly because insurers may be hesitant to provide coverage for certain breeds. Policies for canine inflicted injuries should be made readily available, and affordable to dog owners, because no one who can be found liable for injuries to another person should be exempt from purchasing coverage that addresses such issues.

Statistics Show Just Why Insurance Is Necessary

Consider that annually about 800,000 dog bites occur that require medical attention in the US, and that more than half of the victims are children. This is obviously a concern and the medical costs and other losses stemming from a severe bite to the face could range from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A judge could impose an extremely large judgment that could obviously have quite a staggering effect upon a homeowner without insurance. A person found liable could literally lose their house, which is why homeowners insurance without protection against dog bites just isn’t practical. No one should have to risk their home and possessions because they were denied a policy that provides so much needed protection.

However, the rates for the owners of smaller dogs should not be equal to the amount of those owners of dogs that are bigger, stronger, and capable of inflicting more severe injuries. There are obvious distinctions among different breeds and types of dogs in that smaller dogs generally are incapable of inflicting a significant degree of damage. Therefore, there should be certain considerations for the cost of this insurance depending on these types of comparisons.

While it may seem complicated as to exactly how much dog bite insurance is necessary for owners living with different circumstances, the bottom line is these policies should be made available in order to offer protection to both, the owners, and any potential victims of their pets.