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Workers Comp Incidents Can Be Triggered by Exposure to Facility Environment

There are countless numbers of hardworking people in the United States who make their living by serving others—seeing to the health and welfare of patients who reside in an inpatient residence. Unfortunately, this kind of work can be tough on the body, leading to independent living facilities workers comp claims when someone becomes ill or injured in the course of the workday.

While helping others, workers can become patients themselves

These people face unique risks on the job to their own personal safety and health.

In one recent year alone, an industry analyst found that there were 27,400 recorded injuries among more than 896,800 workers in the industry.

Dangers can be serious, even life-threatening

Workers can find themselves suffering from a variety of situations that expose them to risk of illness, injury, or death, including;

  • Overexertion
  • Chronic stress
  • Guns, knives and other weapons
  • Drug abuse
  • Verbal abuse and other forms of harassment
  • Physical violence
  • Blood-borne pathogens
  • Needle sticks
  • Latex sensitivity
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Temperature extremes
  • Transportation-related risks, as patients are taken to various destinations (for medical, social and religious purposes) throughout the day

Raise awareness to improve safety

Make workers aware of the risks that come from the work they perform, and provide suggestions about preventive strategies to reduce the number of illnesses, injuries and deaths that can occur on the job. Conduct frequent training and education sessions, and encourage a culture of safety in the workplace so that employees understand the important of having a zero-incident environment. Even better, talk to a professional insurance agent about Independent living facilities workers comp to ensure that both workers and the residence are well protected in the event of an incident. The policy provides essential coverage for one’s workers throughout the residence, offering protection in the event an accident, illness, or injury occurs while they are on the job. Coverage also includes compensation for lost wages while the employee is unable to work, as well as medical expenses and the costs for rehabilitation. In the event of permanent disability or even death, the policy covers those situations as well.


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